Barbs, Characins, Cichlids      Anabantids, Killifish, Catfish    Siamese Fighters, Rasboras,
           Angelfish                                                      Danios, Loaches
  AOS Egglayers, Guppies,        Swordtails, Platies, Limias, S/tail Goldfish, Twintail Goldfish,
    Cultivated Livebearers                       AOS Livebearers              AOS Coldwater inc WCMM



            to be judged during April
Welcome to the next venture by the FBAS.

Following on from our previous 'virtual' experience, we are pleased to introduce its logical successor -
as near to an Open Show as we can make it, under virtual conditions.

We appreciate that fishkeepers may have been reluctant to try out the specially-created 'Groups'
in the inaugural 'Table Show' and will feel much more at ease with the familiar single fish Classes.
For those sharp-eyed observers, yes we have included a 'split' in the form of the Angelfish Class
which we felt would be a popular choice with hobbyists.

At the conclusion of the final Round, winning videos from all Classes will be automatically entered
into the Virtual Supreme Championship Final, there will be no need to submit new entries (even if
you think your fish has grown a bit more!).

The only other allowance we have made is to provide you with a month's break - for the Festive Season!

NOTE: Each Tent only 'opens' after the relevant closing date for its Classes.
Preview entries during judging, whilst waiting for the scored results to appear.


Firstly, you’ve got a Judge’s eye-view of proceedings – what he/she sees, so do you!
Add to this, the unique opportunity to see the fish as never before under ‘live-conditions’ –
in 'stop-frame' s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n too, should you wish to clarify the tiniest imperfection
or catch that fast-moving exhibit.

Size clearly can’t be everything – the camera can actually lie, depending how it’s used, so we’ve done away
with that parameter in judging. Also a fabulous video shouldn’t affect the result – it’s the quality of the fish
that we should be concentrating on.

It’s not going to be a ‘result on the day’ affair either. Between receipt of entries and declaration of Awards,
some time has to elapse for technical preparations of material, distribution to Judges, verification of results etc.


                                Award labels will appear on the relevant tanks.
                         Click on any on-Tank Award Label to go to the Results page.

Last updated March 2021