Natural Tropical Egglayers       Cultivated Tropical Egglayers    Natural Tropical Livebearers
           (25)                             (10)                             (27)
Cultivated Tropical Livebearers  Natural Coldwater (inc WCMM)       Fancy Goldfish (15)
              (17)                excluding Goldfish  (4)                      PLUS
                                                              VIRTUAL CHAMPION SELECTION
Welcome to the newest venture by the FBAS.

We hope you have enjoyed the experience of an ‘on-line’ Fish Show, a modern twist on an old theme.
Our first attempt was a tentative exploration to see if we could extend a popular activity into a
‘home-bound’ version to maintain interest and contact between fishkeepers in these most restrictive of times.

Now we have arrived at the end, we thank everyone (especially those overseas) for their support and
congratulate all winners for whatever level of success they achieved.

At the end of this Final Round – Fancy Goldfish – the Judges will also collectively select our Virtual Champion from
the six Group winners. You can see the Champion Qualifiers as an ‘extra’ section at the end of the Goldfish entries.

NOTE: Each Tent only 'opens' after the relevant closing date for its Group.
Preview entries during judging, whilst waiting for the scored results to appear.


Firstly, you’ve got a Judge’s eye-view of proceedings – what he/she sees, so do you!
Add to this, the unique opportunity to see the fish as never before under ‘live-conditions’ –
in 'stop-frame' s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n too, should you wish to clarify the tiniest imperfection
or catch that fast-moving exhibit.

Size clearly can’t be everything – the camera can actually lie, depending how it’s used, so we’ve done away
with that parameter in judging. Also a fabulous video shouldn’t affect the result – it’s the quality of the fish
that we should be concentrating on.

It’s not going to be a ‘result on the day’ affair either. Between receipt of entries and declaration of Awards,
some time has to elapse for technical preparations of material, distribution to Judges, verification of results etc.


                                Award labels will appear on the relevant tanks.
                         Click on any on-Tank Award Label to go to the Results page.

To ensure the waiting time is reduced to a minimum, please feel free to enter the next Group Table Show before the
stated closing date, in order for all concerned to make sure everything’s processed as early as possible.


In consideration of the diversity of species within each Group -
and the self-imposed decision to create 'Natural' and 'Cultivated'
definitions - it seems only too obvious that it is important to make
sure the best qualified people are usd to judge each Group appropriately.

For our Fifth and Sixth Virtual Table Shows - Natural Coldwater, and
Fancy Goldfish we have invited Island Fishkeepers' Les Pearce to judge the entries.

Last updated August 2020