Natural Tropical Egglayers       Cultivated Tropical Egglayers    Natural Tropical Livebearers
           (25)                             (10)                             (27)
Cultivated Tropical Livebearers  Natural Coldwater (inc WCMM)       Fancy Goldfish (15)
              (17)                excluding Goldfish  (4)                      PLUS
                                                              VIRTUAL CHAMPION SELECTION
Welcome to the highlights of the first Virtual Table Shown,
the newest venture by the FBAS.

We hope you have enjoyed the experience of an ‘on-line’ Fish Show, a modern twist on an old theme.
Our first attempt was a tentative exploration to see if we could extend a popular activity into a
‘home-bound’ version to maintain interest and contact between fishkeepers in these most restrictive of times.

Now we have arrived at the end, we thank everyone (especially those overseas) for their support and
congratulate all winners for whatever level of success they achieved.

Here, we have collected all six Rounds (no less than 98 entries!) for you to re-live, or even discover for the first time.


                                Award labels will appear on the relevant tanks.
                         Click on any on-Tank Award Label to go to the Results page.

Last updated August 2020