How Long Will Your Fish Live?

While researching the fish names, Caryl Simpson of New Zealand's Marlborough Aquarium Club, came across this interesting little piece...

Few reference books include one of the most common questions asked by fish owners. How long should my fish live? The answer varies greatly depending on the species of fish. However, in general smaller fish have a shorter lifespan than larger fish, and fish that lay eggs live longer than those that give birth to live young. The two most popular species of fish, Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta splendens, and Goldfish, Carassius auratus, are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Bettas live little more than two years, while Goldfish live for decades.

Here is a reference with the expected lifespan of popular aquarium fish. These figures are estimates, with good care fish may live much longer.

If you can't find your fish listed here, check the Fish Library at the address below:

Adolfos Corydoras: 5 yrs
Angelfish: 10+ yrs
Apistogramma: 3-5 yrs
Archer Fish: 5 yrs
Armoured Catfish: 7-5 yrs
Bala Shark: 10 yrs
Bandit Cory: 5 yrs
Banjo Catfish: 7-15 yrs
Banjo Catfish: 5- yrs
Black Neon Tetra: 5 yrs
Black Phantom Tetra: 5 yrs
Black Shark: 4-10 yrs
Black Tetra: 5 yrs
Black Widow Tetra: 5 yrs
Blackfin Corydoras: 5+ yrs
Bleeding Heart Tetra: 5 yrs
Bllnd Cave Fish: 5+ yrs
Bloodfin Tetra: 10+ yrs
Blue Gourami: 4 yrs
Boesman Rainbow: 5 yrs
Bronze Corydoras: 5 yrs
Bumble Bee Cat: 5 -8yrs
Cardinal Tetra: 4 yrs
Cherry Barb: 5-7 yrs
Chocolate Gourami: 4 yrs
Clown Loach: 15+ yrs
Columbian Tetra: 5 yrs
Congo Tetra: 5 yrs
Convict Cichlid: 10-18 yrs
Diamond Tetra: 5 yrs
Discus: 10-18 yrs
Dojo Loach: 10 yrs
Dwarf Gourami: 4 yrs
Emperor Tetra: 6 yrs
Festivum: 10+ yrs
Figure 8 Puffer: 5 yrs
Firemouth Cichlid: 10-15 yrs
Frontosa: 8-15 yrs
Giant Danio: 5-7 yrs
Glass Catfish: 8 yrs
Glassfish: 8 yrs
Glowlight Tetra: 5 yrs
Goldfish: 10-30 yrs
Guppy: 3-5 yrs
Harlequin: 6 yrs
Hatchetfish: 5 yrs
Hog Nose Brochis: 10 yrs

Honey Gourami 4 yrs
Jack Dempsey: 10-18 yrs
Jordan's Catfish: 10+ yrs
Killifish: 1 to 2 yrs
Kissing Gourami: 5 yrs
Lemon Tetra: 5 yrs
Leopard Danio: 5-7 yrs
Leporinus: 5+ yrs
Livingstoni Cichlid: 10+ yrs
Midas Cichlid: 15+ yrs
Mollie: 4 yrs
Moonlight Gourami: 4 yrs
Neon Rainbow: 3-4 yrs
Neon Tetra: 5-10 yrs
Oscar: 10-18 yrs
Otocinclus: 5 yrs
Pacu: 10 yrs
Pearl Danio: 5 yrs
Pearl Gourami: 4 yrs
Pictus Catfish: 8 yrs
Piranha: 10 yrs
Platy: 3-5 yrs
Pleco: 7-5 yrs
Rafael Catfish: 7-5 yrs
Rainbow Shark: 4-0 yrs
Rams: 4 yrs
Rasboras: 5-10 yrs
Red Eye Tetra: 5 yrs
Red Rainbow: 5 yrs
Red Tailed Catfish: 15 yrs
Redtail Shark: 8 yrs
Rosy Barb: 5 yrs
Royal Pleco: 10+ yrs
Rummynose Tetra: 5-10 yrs
Severum: 10-18 yrs
Silver Dollar: 10+ yrs
Silvertip Tetra: 5 yrs
Swordtails: 3-5 yrs
Texas Cichlid: 10+ yrs
Tiger Barb: 6 yrs
Tigerfish: 5 yrs
Tinfoil Barb: 10 yrs
Upside Down Catfish: 5 yrs
Weather Loach: 10 yrs
Whiptail: 10+ yrs
White Cloud Mt. Minnow: 5-7 yrs
Zebra Cichlid: 10 yrs
Zebra Danio: 5 yrs

It started me wondering. old is (was) your oldest fish?

taken, with thanks, from 'Aquarium World' Journal of the FNZAS

Webmaster's Note: Only last week , a member of Hounslow & D.A.S. reported he'd
                     lost a Botia morleti (formerly B.horae) aged 23 years.
                     Let us know of any Methuselahs still in your tanks! 

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