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The J & S has been looking at ideas to increase participation at Open Shows both in terms of number of entries and exhibitors.

The reduction of size points from 20 down to 10 has obviously reduced the importance of size pointing. We have taken this a little further and on a selected number of classes have reduced the actual size listed in the size sheets. Sizes are being reduced as follows:

           Listed at 25 to 50mm            Reduced by 5mm
           Listed at 51 to 100mm           Reduced by 10mm
           Listed at 101 to 200mm         Reduced by 20mm.
           Listed at 201 to 300mm.        Reduced by 40mm
           Listed at 301 to 400mm         Reduced by 50mm.
           Listed over 401mm.                Reduced by 100mm.

We will be monitoring the situation throughout next year and would ask that Show Secretaries please forward the information required to the J & S via Keith Cocker.

The following classes will have size reductions applied.

                    B, Ba, Da, Db, Dc, D, E, Ma, Mb, Mc, M, O and P.

In addition, the sizes of Xiphophorus helleri, X.maculatus and X.variatus will be correspondingly reduced in Classes Q and R.

Depending on the success of this we may consider applying these size reductions to other classes in 2012.

The term pleasing to the eye has never been defined and after some discussion we will be issuing a statement for Judges to apply when judging.

Mr Esson has stood down as secretary of the J & S. Bob was thanked for the tremendous amount of work he has put in for the Federation over many years - in particular the new Plant Book. Bob has agreed to stay on as a Committee Member for 2011.

Chris Cheswright has agreed to be the new Secretary and he can be contacted at:

                    2 Cedar Avenue, Wickford Essex SS12 9TD

His e mail address is cheswright@blueyonder.co.uk

It is quite noticeable that the Open Shows whose Societies either put bags of information (Schedule, Posters, Maps etc) on the FBAS Web Site or used the Open Show Labelling Service had the most entries.

Last updated March, 2011