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DATELINE: March 2008

Since Trophy & Brooch Officer Alan Stevens announced that non-single fish Classes - Furnished Aquaria, Aquascapes, Pairs, Breeders and Aquatic Plants (or Ag, Ak, N b-m, N o-t, X b-m, X o-t, X u-w and Z for those in the know!) - would no longer be eligible for Championship Trophies, Societies have been waiting for news of any new Competitions created for all, or some, of these Classes.

Thanks to generous support from Tetra, Societies running their Open Shows to FBAS Rules will receive Trophies for BEST PAIR and BEST BREEDER for awarding on the day of the Open Show.

In addition, all 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th winners of these Classes at FBAS Open Shows will be eligible for entry into the 'SUPREME PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIP' and the 'SUPREME BREEDERS CHAMPIONSHIP' at this years Festival of Fishkeeping.

Much in the same way as eligibility for the normal 'SUPREME' single fish Championship is concerned, Show Secretaries will be required to complete and return a Results Form for each Pairs Class (Egglayers, Livebearers and/or Coldwater as the case may be) and winning exhibitors will then be invited to the Final to be held at Hayling Island on the Saturday.

Similarly 1st to 4th placed winners in the Breeders Classes at Open Shows (again Egglayers, Livebearers and/or Coldwater as the case may be) will also be invited to the relevant Final on the Saturday pending a returned 'Results Form' by Show Secretaries.

NOTE: Breeders Teams will comprise of 4 fish bred by the exhibitor.
Because this Competition is to be run for the whole Show season, some entries may well be over the 14 months maximum age limit at the time of the Final.
This will be allowed but this is the only exception to the Rules governing breeders which otherwise will be strictly adhered to.

Last updated July 2008