Whilst the aquarium is nothing like a well-oiled machine, the comparison to necessary maintenance of both for ensured well running does stand examination.

Everything that goes into the aquarium (of whatever type) will have an influence for good or bad. Close attention to regular maintenance is most important.
But this need not be a monotonous chore, as only a few minutes each week need to be put aside for maintenance ? a small period when compared to the many hours you're likely to spend gazing into the aquarium's depths.

DAILY TASKS : Check number of fishes ? investigate immediately as any
                          absentees may be trapped behind rocks etc.
                          Check Ammonia, Nitrite levels (during running in period only).
                          Check temperature (until you get used to the 'feel' of the
                          front glass).

WEEKLY TASKS : Prune plants if necessary, remove dead leaves.
                            Clean cover glass and any fluorescent light reflectors.
                            Empty Protein Skimmer (marine aquarium)

MONTHLY TASKS : Remix new synthetic sea water for water change ahead
                                of actual task.
                                Partial water change (siphon out detritus from substrate
                                in process).

     NOTE: When the water level falls in the aquarium due to evaporation it is
                 pointless to merely top up the tank with  new water. No dissolved
                 minerals in the water will have 'evaporated' so the water in the
                tank will just get more and more overloaded. Remove a percentage
                of the aquarium water and then top up with fresh.

                You can top up the marine aquarium with fresh (NOT salt) water
                to replace evaporation losses, as topping up with more salt water will
                only increase the Specific Gravity beyond its correct value.

                               Remove algae from front glass (leave algae on side and back
                               glasses for the benefit of herbivorous fish).
                               Clean filter media, using aquarium water not tap water.

PERIODIC TASKS : Check air-pump filters; renew fluorescent tube when
                                Rotate live food cultures as necessary.
                                Set up spawning tank, condition intended breeder fish.
                                Begin Brine Shrimp hatching as fish spawn.
                                Remove dead marginal plants (ponds)
                                Remove excess silt from pond.
                                Use a 'Gravel Washer' to remove silt from aquarium
                                 substrate; rake over substrate to prevent compaction.
                                Clean Show tanks.

ODD FISH BEHAVIOUR: Check pH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate levels.
                                       Check and clean filter media.
                                       Check air-pump.
                                       Check for bullying , disease, overcrowding.

© FBAS 1998 RCM/RDE         Aquarium Management Care Sheet 8 1/1

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