Welcome to these information Sheets that will not only help you make the best fish choices for your aquarium but also provides details on their best care.

Designed around upon the FBAS comprehensive list of commonly-kept species, these Care Sheets are categorised into the same basic groups of fishes as those found in FBAS Show Classes.

Details of all species referred to in these Fish Care Sheets can be found in the FBAS Booklet No 6 - National Show Fish Sizes. Click HERE for information.

Obviously whilst not every known species will be described, the information given will be pertinent to the each main 'Family' under discussion. General information will include facts on:

            Genera                                        Habitat
            Family                                         Water Parameters
            Geographic origin                         Health
            Common Names                             Diet
            Compatibility                               Plants
            Minimum Aquarium Size                Breeding
            Temperature                               Availability
                                          Show Class

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Last updated July 2005