Preparation: It is a good plan not to feed any show fish two days before the Show. This will help to prevent large amounts of faecal matter in the tank. When preparing the fish for the Show, carefully check that it is free from damage and disease - particularly 'White Spot' and fungus. If there is any doubt, withdraw the entry. All disqualified exhibits will be removed from the Show bench.

Show Container: Ensure that the Show tank sufficiently larger than your exhibit and that it meets the Federation's Show Tank requirements.
See that it is clean and partly filled with clean water taken from the aquarium where the fish to be exhibited is normally is kept.
Once the fish has been placed in the Show tank, cover the top with clingfilm and put the lid on the Show tank secured with elastic bands or sticky tape. Place the Show tank into a 'poly box' for transport to the Show.
It is much better to use a larger tank than one that is barely sufficient.

Netting: Always ensure that any nets used are suitable for the size of fish you are catching. If in doubt, use a larger rather than smaller net.

Transportation: Ensure that the poly box is transported safely in the car and in such a way that it does not move during the journey.
Take a sufficient quantity of aquarium water with you to the Show just in case you need to do a water change or to top up the Show tank.
If you are taking the fish in a polythene bag, first check that the bag does not leak. It may seem obvious but a surprising number of fish bags leak. Always use two polythene bags, one inside the other. Do not fill the bag more than one third full of water. This will allow for sufficient air space.

Again, transport it in a 'poly box' and take spare plastic bags and at least one spare Show tank with you in case of accidents. Also it could be useful to have some small pieces of expanded polystyrene sheeting available to use as packing pieces in the poly box.

Auxilliary Air: If possible take a battery-powerd emergency air pump with you and spare batteries.

Presentation: Ensure that the Class Labels you are given are correctly fixed to your Show tank. Siphon off any detritus from the tank and top up with water you brought with you; adequately fill the Show tank.
Clean the tank sides with a cloth or paper towel so that the exhibit looks well cared for. Just prior to judging, check that your exhibits are all OK - that there are no signs of disease, and that the fish is not stressed.
If you consider there to be a problem, consult the Senior Steward / Show Manager. If they have a doubt, they will request that you remove the exhibit. If during the judging, the exhibit appears to be stressed, the organisers are at liberty to add a supply of air. If this does not assist the fish, then they may decide to remove it from the Show bench. The Show organisers will whenever possible do that with your assistance.

? FBAS 1998 PWC/RDE        Aquarium Management Care Sheet 9 1/2

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