Designed around upon the FBAS comprehensive list of commonly-kept species, these Care Sheets are categorised as those found in FBAS Show Classes.

Details of all species referred to in these Fish Care Sheets can be found in the FBAS Booklet No 6 - National Show Fish Sizes. Click HERE for information.

                  Small Barbs                                    Twin-tail Goldfish
                  Large Barbs                                    Labyrinth Fish
                  Characins                                        Sharks
                  Tetras                                            Killifish
                  Angelfish                                        Large Catfish
                  Pencilfish                                       Corydoras
                  Discus                                            Rasboras
                  Large American Cichlids                  Danios
                  Rift Valley Cichlids                         Loaches
                  Other African Cichlids                    Rainbowfish
                  Dwarf Cichlids                                Cultivated Livebearers
                  Single-tail Goldfish                         Other Livebearers

Each Care Sheet may be downloaded for printing

      Aquarium Management Care Sheets
      Pond Care Sheets

Last updated March 2007