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                                Labyrinth Fish                     01/03/2002

Genera: Betta, Ctenopoma, Trichogaster, Trichopsis, etc

Family: Anabantidae, Belontidae.

Geographic Origin: Africa and Asia.

Common Names: Siamese Fighting Fish, Leeri or Pearl, Three-spot,
                        Croaking and Sparkling Gouramies, Climbing Perches.

Compatibility: Many of the 'Gouramies' are compatible with one another and
                      with other species e.g. Tetras. Siamese Fighters can only be
                       kept on their own. Predatory Climbing Perches (Ctenopoma) are
                       best kept in a species aquarium.

Minimum aquarium size: The small Gouramies can be safely accommodated in a
                                    600mm x 380mm x 300mm (24 x 15 x 12) aquarium.
                                    As ever though, a larger aquarium is always
                                    to be preferred. A well-fitting hood is essential if
                                    considering keeping the Climbing Perches -
                                      because they do!

Temperature: These fish are from regions where the water temperature can be
                     over 30oC(86oF) and as low as 15oC/60oF.
                     Set aquarium water around 25oC/78oF.

Habitat: Many are found in rice paddies and in small ponds in wooded areas.
              They are air-breathing, which is fortunate as their natural water
               conditions may often be very poor, but this does not mean water
               conditions in the aquarium should be neglected!

Water Parameters: They benefit from having a good clean water environment.
                             Most are quite happy in hard water.
                             Benefit from a weekly water change of 25%.

Health: No particular problems health-wise.

Diet: Will readily accept all dried, frozen and live foods such as Daphnia.

Plants: All species of tropical plant are acceptable in the aquarium.

Breeding Notes : The breeding tank should have plenty of plant refuges into
                         which the female can safely retreat.
                         Although the Chocolate Gourami is a mouthbrooder, the
                         majority are bubblenest builders with eggs being guarded by
                         the male after spawning. Remove female at this time.

Availability: Many, such as Three-spot and Leeri Gouramies, are readily
                    available; others are less so.

Show Class: Betta splendens (Fighting Fish) Class Ea
                  other Labyrinths                     Class E.

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