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                                               'Sharks'                        01/06/2002

Genera : Balantiocheilus, Epalzeorhynchus and Labeo.
             See those fishes listed in the current Federation Size Book
             under Classes M and Ma.

Family : Cyprinidae

Geographic Origin: South East Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, South and East Africa

Common Names : Red-tail Black Shark, Silver Shark, Black Shark etc.
                          Also the Flying Fox.

Compatibility : These fish are NOT freshwater Sharks.
                       They have common names of Shark and this refers to the
                       Shark-like dorsal fin. Small specimens are quite compatible in
                       a community tank. Large fish such as the Black Shark and the
                       Silver Shark can be aggressive.

Minimum Aquarium Size : Minimum tank size of 900 x 380 x380mm
                                      (36" x 15" x 15") is recommended.
                                      For the larger species, more tank space is needed.

Temperature : 20o to 26oC / 70 o to 6oF is ideal. They will accept
                     fluctuations outside of this range for short periods.

Habitat : Widely differing habitats. Can be found in fast flowing water and in
               slow moving streams.

Water Parameters : Able to cope with most degrees of hardness but seem to
                              prefer alkaline water. Water should be clean and clear
                              and preferably filtered by either an internal or external
                              power filter.

Health : No particular health problems. Select fish that are alert, swimming around and that are not hollow bellied.

Diet : Most are omnivorous and will happily graze on algae, eat algae wafers
          and all manner of frozen foods.

Plants : A well planted aquarium for the smaller species is recommended.
          Larger fish will tend to uproot plants and in some cases consume them.

Breeding Notes : Not bred in the aquarium and information on breeding very

Availability : Many are freely available. Caution when buying small Silver
                    Sharks, they will grow!

Show Class: F.B.A.S. Show Class. M or Ma

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