Hobby Magazine Contacts

OK, we admit we don't know everything and you might just conceivably want another opinion. Here are the contact addresses of the major aquatic hobby magazines published in the UK.

      EMAP Active Ltd.,
      Bretton Court,
      Peterborough PE3 8DZ
      tel: 01733 264666
      email: karen.youngs@emap.com

      Freestyle Publications
      Alexander House
      Ling Road, Tower Park
      Dorset BH12 4NZ
      tel: 01202 735090
      email: maria@freepubs.co.uk

      Valley Publishing Ltd.,
      Aero Mill, off Edward Street,
      Lancashire BB5 4JS
      tel: 01254 236380
      email: marineworldmag@btconnect.com

      Tropical World,
      15 Wolrige Avenue,
      Devon PL7 2RT
      tel: 01752 337200 (office hours)
      email: tropicalworld@btinternet.com

But don't forget the FBAS Bulletin!

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