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                                       Small Asian Barbs            01/02/99
                                      (up to 75mm standard length)

Diet: Omnivorous. Any proprietary brand of Tropical Fish Food.
         Alternative food should always be given, with a form of live food
          recommended at least twice a week - Daphnia, Bloodworms, Gnat Lava,
          chopped earthworm, etc.
         DO NOT OVERFEED, most problems start with this as the cause.

Plants: All types of Tropical Plants acceptable. Not known as a plant eater.

Breeding Notes: Egglayer. Uses the egg scattering method, the males chasing
                        the females. Eggs are slightly adhesive, use dense, bushy
                        plants, or nylon mops, as egg-receptacles.To deter egg-eating
                        by parents, remove parents after spawning.
                        Newly-hatched Brine Shrimp ideal as a first food for fry.

Availability: Widely available. Only select alert free swimming fish with all
                     fins being held erect, with no signs of damage on body and fins
                     and clean bright body colors. Reject lethargic, damaged or
                     hollow bellied specimens

Show Class: FBAS Class 'B'

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